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Philosophy and Film


Philosophy and Film

William Lindenmuth
Class Start: 2014-07-21 2014-07-21 18:00:00 2014-07-21 19:00:00 35 Course 'Philosophy and Film' starts at Course starts at


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Duration: 8 weeks
Certificate: Yes
Level: beginner
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This course will examine a variety of philosophical issues through the medium of film. Film is not merely entertainment, but rather culture distilled into artistic works created to reflect both who we are, and what we want to be. The syllabus will cover thinkers such as Aristotle, Nietzsche, and Kant, as well as approach philosophical questions such as “Who am I?,” “What is the meaning of life?,” and “What is the role of government?” Through movie screenings, short readings, video lectures, discussion boards, and live chat sessions, the course will assist students in becoming more philosophically, cinematically, and culturally aware.
Categories: [Art, Design, Music, Film]


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