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Introduction to the Profession of Evaluation


Introduction to the Profession of Evaluation

Stewart Donaldson, Ph.D.
Class Start: always available
Certificate: Yes
Level: intermediate
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This course will provide participants with an introduction to the profession of evaluation. Some of the key topics will include the various uses, purposes, and benefits of conducting evaluations, evaluation theory, evaluation design, evaluation methods, evaluation practice, and research on evaluation. In addition, participants will be introduced to core concepts in international development evaluation, program design and redesign, developmental evaluation, and career opportunities in evaluation. This course is intended to provide participants with an introduction, overview, or refresher on some of latest developments in the profession of evaluation, and to provide participants with a basic foundation for intermediate and advanced level e-learning courses in evaluation. The course consists of a series of videos, interactive activities, and quizzes. You may work through the course material at your own pace, but you will also have access to an active discussion forum community. In the discussion forums, you can discuss course content with other students and the course Teaching Assistant.


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