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中级有机化学 Comprehensive Organic Chemistry

jian pei, 裴坚 Peking University @Coursera
Class Start: 2014-09-15 2014-09-15 18:00:00 2014-09-15 19:00:00 35 Course '中级有机化学 Comprehensive Organic Chemistry' starts at Coursera Course starts at Coursera:


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Duration: 10 weeks
Approximate Workload: 3-4 hours/week
Certificate: Yes
Level: intermediate
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中级有机化学目标是提高学生在有机反应机理,有机合成方面的知识水平,并进一步培养学生在分析问题和解决问题方面的独立思考能力。 Comprehensive Organic Chemistry focuses on the mechanism of organic reactions and synthetic methodologies.
Categories: [Chemistry]


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