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Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources


Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources

Bob Puls The University of Oklahoma @Janux
Class Start: 2014-01-13
Duration: 16 Weeks
Certificate: No
Level: beginner
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This course will provide information on the science of Hydraulic Fracturing, a key process used to extract oil and gas resources, and its relationship with water resources. The purpose of this course is to provide a balanced and comprehensive understanding of the background, processes, and regulations related to Hydraulic Fracturing, its reliance on water and the protections used to safeguard water resources. Students taking this course will gain a fuller understanding of the role hydraulic fracturing plays in the production of oil and gas in the U.S. and particularly in Oklahoma. The course will expose students to industry experts, academic experts and people who regulate oil and gas operations. During this online course students will have the opportunity to review up to date policies and new directions in sustainable development of oil and gas resources.


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