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Intro to Accounting


Intro to Accounting

Kevin Kimball, CPA
Class Start: always available
Certificate: Yes
Level: beginner
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This course teaches students how to prepare, interpret, and use financial data to make business and financial decisions. Course content is based on specifications of the Advanced Placement (AP) Accounting Course & Exam Pilot Program. In order to successfully complete this course, students will need the following prerequisite knowledge: 1. The ability to read and comprehend English at a college freshman level. 2. The ability to perform simple math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), including solving for an unknown, as shown below: a = b*c where you are given a and c and you need to solve for b a = b + c where you are given a and b and you need to solve for a a = b/c where you are given a and c and you need to solve for b
Categories: [Finance and Economics]


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