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Buddhist Meditation and the Modern World


Buddhist Meditation and the Modern World

Kurtis R. Schaeffer, David Francis Germano University of Virginia @Coursera
Class Start: 2015-01-19 2015-01-19 18:00:00 2015-01-19 19:00:00 35 Course 'Buddhist Meditation and the Modern World' starts at Coursera Course starts at Coursera:


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Duration: 13 weeks
Approximate Workload: 5-6 hours/week
Certificate: Yes
Level: beginner
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Introduces students to (i) the history of Buddhist contemplative traditions in India and Tibet, (ii) innovations in scientific research on understanding contemplative practices such as mindfulness, (iii) recent adaptations of such practices in multiple professional and personal areas, and (iv) the practices themselves through brief secular contemplative exercises.


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