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Understanding and Improving the US Healthcare System

Matthew Davis University of Michigan @Coursera
Class Start: TBA
Duration: 6 weeks
Approximate Workload: 3-4 hours/week
Certificate: Yes
Level: beginner
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In this course, you will learn about the structure, accomplishments, and shortcomings of the US healthcare system, and how those have prompted attempts at reform. You will also take part in a unique, national group exercise, designed to help you understand how you can improve the US healthcare system.
Categories: [Health and Medicine]

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2014-02-19
Grading not accurate

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2014-02-18
Informative and yet a disaster for those like myself who sought a Certificate of Accomplishment. PROS (what's good): I gained a framework to better understand the US healthcare system, seeing the main players as patients, payers, providers, and public health. I grappled with what's important to me and what is not in doing the "CHAT" exercise in allocating (rationing) scarce healthcare resources. For these, five of five stars. CONS (the disaster): Grading took months, not weeks, and I (and many others) received failing grades (exactly 66.7%) even though we dutifully did all of the ungraded assignments. If you want a Statement of Accomplishment, don't get your hopes up! It would be crazy to pay money to take this class on Signature Track. For this disaster, zero of five stars. Overall grade: 2.5 stars.

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