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Moralities of Everyday Life

Paul Bloom Yale University @Coursera
Class Start: TBA
Duration: 6 weeks
Approximate Workload: 6-14 hours/week
Certificate: No
Level: beginner
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How can we explain kindness and cruelty? Where does our sense of right and wrong come from? Why do people so often disagree about moral issues? This course explores the psychological foundations of our moral lives.

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2014-04-29
Was worth every minute I spent watching this class!

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2014-04-29
Great course. Prof. Bloom is a knowledgeable and fun teacher. I learned so much about psychology, social psychology, evolutionary psychology, and ethics! I highly recommend it!

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2014-02-14

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2014-02-13
One of those academic courses that stays away from reality. Professor Bloom actually pointed out that this is intentional. He doesn't want to discuss controversial topics as they initiate fights and anger on forums . Consequently, the knowledge is limited to the lab.
Dear professor, the life is complicated and controversial .
It should be the duty of any school to get students ready for it.
In 3 weeks I haven't learnt anything new except for an interesting theory on differences in chimps and bonobos societies.
I don't know if I'm going to continue with this course. Have had enough of the experiments on animals. How moral is it?
Few students mentioned an upcoming course on human behaviour. Read an introduction and watched couple of videos with the instructor, loved it.
See you at "A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior" !

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