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Datenmanagement mit SQL


Datenmanagement mit SQL

Felix Naumann @OpenHPI
Class Start: not available
Duration: 6 weeks
Level: advanced
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Databases form the basis of almost all major software applications. Whether in business, in research, or on the Web: huge amounts of data are generated everywhere. This data must be safely stored and made available for efficient querying. In the openHPI course “Data Management with SQL” we explore the fundamentals of modern database systems. We study their structure and plan the design of databases and finally become familiar with the worldwide dominant querying language – SQL. By means of SQL one can send simply formulated but very powerful queries to a database. These requests can search for data, filter data, and finally analyze data in a multi-faceted way. Every now and then we leave this database user-oriented view and discover how a database system converts user instructions, for example when it comes to implementing complex operations more efficiently. The course is given in German.
Categories: [Professional Development]


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