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Egiptología (Egyptology)


Egiptología (Egyptology)

Josep Cervelló, Jose Lull Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona @Coursera
Class Start: 2014-10-06 2014-10-06 18:00:00 2014-10-06 19:00:00 35 Course 'Egiptología (Egyptology)' starts at Coursera Course starts at Coursera:


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Duration: 8 weeks
Level: beginner
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Este curso introduce a los estudiantes de grado de habla hispana en los aspectos más relevantes de la lengua, la historia y la cultura del Egipto de los faraones.

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2013-12-20
My worst experience in Coursera. Purely data and data and data and data: tons of pretty useless information about dynasties and genealogies, numbers of tombs or pilons, and not a single chapter dedicated to society or art. Quizzes are designed to test retention of trivial data
in the most outdated pedagogical style., and no feedback is provided for the wrong answers you eventually get. No subtitles in English provided. Just for Spanish-speaking already trained "Egyptologues".

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