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Physics I: Classical Mechanics (8.01SC)


Physics I: Classical Mechanics (8.01SC)

MIT @mitopencourseware
Class Start: always available
Certificate: No
Level: beginner
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Physics I is an introduction to Classical Mechanics. The noun “mechanics” here refers to the motion of objects: we will study how the motion of an object can be understood and predicted in terms of the forces that are acting on the object. The adjective “classical,” in this context, means that we will restrict our study to speeds that are slow compared to the speed of light, so we will not have to take into account the effects of relativity. It also means that we will restrict our study to objects which are generally large, compared to atoms or molecules, so that we will not need to consider the effects of quantum theory. Fortunately, almost any situation we are likely to meet in everyday life satisfies these restrictions, so the results of classical mechanics have a wide variety of applications in science and engineering.


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