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Scientific Computing

Nathan Kutz University of Washington @Coursera
Class Start: 2014-08-26 2014-08-26 18:00:00 2014-08-26 19:00:00 35 Course 'Scientific Computing' starts at Coursera Course starts at Coursera:


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Duration: 10 weeks
Certificate: No
Level: advanced
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Investigate the flexibility and power of project-oriented computational analysis, and enhance communication of information by creating visual representations of scientific data.

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2014-02-17
great course

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2012-12-17
I only saw the first couple of weeks, so if it changed later I'm sorry for being unfair. The course goes against the spirit of MOOC courses: the videos weren't designed for the course itself, but most seem to be actual classes filmed. So you don't feel like having a full course, but just a compilation of some class videos. Furthermore the topics were confusing and not very well motivated.

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