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Statistics One

Andrew Conway Princeton University @Coursera
Class Start: TBA
Duration: 12 weeks
Approximate Workload: 4-6 hours/week
Certificate: No
Level: intermediate
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Statistics One is designed to be a friendly introduction to very simple, very basic, fundamental concepts in statistics.

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2014-01-19
poor organized course

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2012-12-23
Very informative class. Professor Conway knows his subject very well. Media presentation is excellent. Unfortunately, class is skewed toward psychological studies and becomes very difficult to follow somewhere after equator.

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2012-12-20
I've now taken two courses at Coursera and I gave the other one a 5 star rating. Sorry, I can only give this one two stars. Prof. Conway obviously knows his stuff and his teaching style may be well suited to traditional learning but this course is supposed to be a MOOC and a lot more thought needs to go into presenting this course in this medium. Not enough time is given to explaining concepts. A huge amount of time is spent with Prof Conway presenting formulas to the class via Power Point presentations. Hasn't anyone at Princeton read what Edward Tufte has to say about Power Point? Also, there was too much time spent sharing baseball stats anecdotes - time that could have been spent explaining the math behind the formulas.

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2012-12-16
Prof. Conway clearly knows his stuff, and I am pretty sure that his teaching works for his Princeton psychology students, but in my opinion this course should be avoided by most other students. To start with the title suggests that it is a general introduction to statistics, it is not, it is an intro to the statistics you need when you do psychological experiments (a rather specific sub-field of statistics). The learning curve is rather steep, basic concepts are mentioned but not really explained, the underlying mathematics are taken for granted. R is used to do the statistical calculations, on the one hand that is a good choice, R is great, it is free and is really used by researchers all over the world, on the other hand R is hard to learn for the novice. What is good, maybe even excellent, is that prof. Conway clearly shows how statistics is used in real research, if that is what you are looking for then this course is for you. However when your are looking for a gentle introduction to statistics you should avoid this course (Udacity has a nice one, have a look at that)

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2012-12-16
material is good, but focused to human sciences.

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