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SAT Math


SAT Math

Salman Khan @Khan Academy
Class Start: always available
Certificate: No
Level: beginner
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Khan Academy is dedicated to the goal of providing a free world-class education for everyone. Founded by Salman Amin Khan, the website features over 3,200 short-form videos that provide a basic introduction to a variety of topics that span from mathematics to current world events. The site is visited by over four million learners each month, and is widely considered an invaluable learning tool for individuals looking for a quick refresher on a subject. The videos are produced in a conversational style and specially designed to be easily viewed on a computer screen. In these videos Sal works through every problem in the first edition of the College Board "Official SAT Study Guide" (ISBN Number: 0-87447-718-2 published in 2004). You should take the practice tests on your own, grade them and then use these videos to understand the problems you didn't get or to review. Have fun! If you're using the second edition of the study guide with 10 practice tests, you can still use some of these videos. Practice tests 4-10 in the newer book correspond to tests 2-8
Categories: [College Preparation]

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2014-05-16
yedp thiz a reaalyy usefulclass

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