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Design of Computer Programs

Peter Norvig @Udacity
Class Start: always available
Duration: 7 weeks
Certificate: Yes
Level: intermediate
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Learn new concepts, patterns, and methods that will expand your programming abilities, helping move you from a novice to an expert programmer. Move along the path towards becoming an expert programmer! In this class you will practice going from a problem description to a solution, using a series of assignments. This course assumes basic programming experience.
Categories: [Computer Science]

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2012-12-18
Too little previous programming experience and familiarity to CS concepts might lead to frustration here.
There is a quite a large gap between the level of this course and that of the introductory CS101 (Udacity) or Interactive Python (Coursera).

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2012-12-17
It is a fantastic class. Very challenging. Norvig is a virtuoso at problem solving and Python programming. It is not introductory, it is a great help to people who already know programming and some Python. It can move them (us) to a new higher level. Many quizzes and program assignments with good feedback.

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Anonymous (Singapore, Singapore) , 2012-10-03
All I can say is wow. If you want to watch a master, irrespective of your experience as Python programmer. Peter Norvig is someone you will want to learn with. Each week his lesson explored different concepts in computer science. His lectures had a different them each week and made for a very interesting experience. Be prepared to work hard and learn about the power of Python and some elegant ways to solve some tough problems.

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