About Us

We fell in love with online classes in 2011 after taking the first three MOOCs: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Intro to Databases. It was the beginning of a new era in education - every person with internet connection had access to the best classes taught by the best teachers for free.

We created TopFreeClasses.com in mid-2012 when it was clearly getting more and more difficult to find interesting classes. New online universities were appearing left and right, and instead of merely having to visit Coursera's and Udacity's web sites, one now had to browse through numerous web sites to see the new classes available. With dozens of new classes offered, choosing the best ones became challenging and time consuming.

TopFreeClasses was our solution to these problems - a one-stop place for discovering new classes, checking out other students' opinions, and sharing your experiences.

Learning is fun - all it takes is finding a topic you find interesting and taking the class! All you need to do is invest a little time. You can find classes in a wide variety of subjects, ranging from Equine Nutrition and Songwriting to Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Physics. Don't wait; start learning today!

Happy learning!



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